‘Parliament Ltd’ – book

Who do our politicians work for? The public, or big business?

Democracy is being undermined by conflicts of interest, which are routinely hidden and ignored. Parliament Ltd reveals the financial interests that British MPs would rather you didn’t know about. From banks and private corporations, to lobbying and the arms trade: there are politicians making millions by moonlighting in second jobs. Meanwhile – years after the expenses scandal – they are now claiming more than ever before.

In his enthralling journey to the dark heart of British politics, Martin Williams exposes a hidden culture of greed and corruption that will shock and anger you.

Available in hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook here.



“Eye-popping analysis of politicians’ finances … Ground-breaking … A fascinating and important work.”
(Sunday Times)

“Williams … has made a diligent investigation into how politicians have turned British democracy into a small-scale racket. Again and again he catches out MPs and peers who fail to be transparent about their personal dealings.” “Immaculately researched … A powerful reminder that reporters can serve the public good … Should make journalists proud – and may even help to make the world a better place.”
(Peter Oborne, New Statesman)

“[Williams is] perhaps Britain’s most exciting young investigative journalist … If you only buy one book that I recommend this year, buy Parliament Ltd.”
(George Galloway)

“This is an excellent book. Highly readable and well researched.”
(Prof. Prem Sikka, Essex University)

“Exceptional journalism, full of revelations, and a fun read to boot – a truly rare thing in a book about politics.”
(Paul McNamara, reporter & investigative journalist, Channel 4 News)

“Essential reading for anyone who cares about public life”
(Jamie Owen, presenter, BBC Wales Today)

“A necessary and helpful contribution.”
(Marcial Boo, chief executive, Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority)


Parliament Ltd was serialised in the Guardian. Revelations from the book were subsequently reported in the Sunday Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, Sun, Mirror, Buzzfeed, Politics Home, Business Insider, Private Eye and others. Martin has also appeared on TV and radio to discuss the book, including Radio 4’s Today programme.